Our Story
Of Creating Experiences

Chapter One

Meet Norma

For many, cooking is a task. For Norma Dakhoul, it is a passion, an emotion, an experience. Spending her youth in the humble village of Daraya, Lebanon, she learnt from a young age that Lebanese hospitality is offspring to centuries of generational tradition.  The journey for Norma began in her home where flavours are best tasted wherever the family is gathered. Whether in Lebanon or Sydney, this philosophy remains. The continued elegance of Lebanese cuisine, even post-appropriation has, still at heart, remained the same over the ages.

Food is more than nourishment for the body. For Norma, it nourishes her soul. It is boundless and although a table setting may be at full capacity, the palette is endless in plains. For Norma, there is a certain response that comes from one tasting good food that cannot be mimicked, and this fuels her passion.

Chapter Two

The Approach

Phoenicia Events Co. is an iconic brand which thrives on creating experiences.

Our aim is to make moments memorable, and through offering bespoke event planning services, we focus on an individualised approach to celebrating milestones.

Chapter Three

The Approach

Established in Sydney, Australia, Phoenicia Events embraces the country’s wide diversity and cultural influences. Through this diversity, our events are about welcoming tradition, adding a little modern touch and acknowledging what makes us all unique.