Sahtein Sydney 2020
Celebrating Lebanon & all of its magic
Coming Soon to Parramatta Park

For the first time in Sydney, Phoenicia Events Co. is thrilled to showcase the rich culture, food and traditions of Lebanon.

We present to you
Sahtein Sydney 2020

An ode to thousands of years of culture, Sahtein Sydney nods to the deeply rooted, incomparable history that started centuries ago with the Phoenicians. Appreciating thousands of years of exotic flavours, endless banquets, and unprecedented hospitality, this food festival is an attempt to celebrate history through food, drink and fun.

Tickets will be available for sale at the door, or you can purchase early bird tickets at time of sale

Our Vision is Simple
to celebrate Lebanon and all of its magic.

Sahtein Sydney 2020 is a food festival that aims to showcase the following, sponsored by local businesses:

  • Food samples from local icons
  • A traditional souk-style marquee
  • Lebanese costume dress up booths
  • A backgammon cafe
  • Coffee cup reading
  • A moustache competition
  • Entertainment acts
  • Live music
  • Kid-friendly activities
  • VIP Marquee: “Cedars House”

Whether you are Lebanese or Middle Eastern or neither, the connections we share, simply by being human, are celebrated through individual traditions, or in this case, through culturally unique food. The Lebanese hospitality invites you to establish a relationship over entertainment and food.

In Lebanon, no stranger is unrecognised, or uninvited. Sahtein Sydney is the same. We welcome you in friendship and love and ask for you to participate in the celebration of a culture that expresses much hospitality from its humble corner of the world.

Sahtein Sydney is a unique opportunity for Lebanese and non-Lebanese to sample and interact with stallholders. This, in turn, creates social awareness and brings a timeline of centuries of history to life. From Phoenicia to modern-day Lebanon, and now, to Coleman Oval, Parramatta Park, Phoenicia Events Co. is proud to debut this event and celebrate the long, proud history of Lebanese people in Australia.

Meet the Team


Norma was born in a tiny Lebanese village and spent her young years foraging in the olive grove, falling in love with figs, and admiring anything and everything from this world’s natural abundance. Seeing her mother, grandmother and aunts making warm bread was embedded in Norma’s mind – who saw the beauty, simplicity and passion in a group of people huddled around in a modest setting talking, laughing, feeding and making memories. At the age of 11 after emigrating to Australia, Norma knew where her passion lied and it was from that point, her love for food, cooking and anything related only strengthened.

But then again… travel, entertainment and quality time with family and friends is second to none.


Formally trained in the field of environmental management and working with a multitude of musical acts in artist promotions and event management, Ben combined these two passions to develop environmental management systems for events which culminated in the launching of October Sun in 2005. Ben has been instrumental in delivering these services to clients for over 10 years. It’s his efficiency, attention to detail and personable nature that have been the catalyst to his growth and success in the industry.
Beyond all the planning, organisation (and sometimes stress) that comes from his line of work, Ben enjoys a little leisure time through music – listening, playing instruments and basking amidst the good vibrations.


After discovering Deepak Chopra’s message – “the healthiest response to life is joy” – Marina promised to follow her passion and thrive amidst what brought out the greatest happiness. Finding her strength in commerce, appetite for business, enthusiasm in helping brands tell the world their story (of course, following her greatest love for adventure, travel and fashion) Marina joined Adcreators. 5 years on, her skills in international business and management, paired with that stereotypical “Agency life” – of late nights and long hours, but fun events, new experiences and strong networks – sees her flourish in one of today’s most booming industries, Marketing and Communications. This is where joy always seems to be the natural response.


Over two decades’ experience in events, marketing and sponsorship management, and eight years in customer sales and service management, is part of the reason Raghida has such strong foundations. The other part of the reason is her personable approach, friendly nature and warm personality. Currently a valued team member of Arab Bank Australia, part of Raghida’s past has seen her as the owner of two cafes in bustling Sydney suburbs, also her to share in her passion in service, hospitality and social networking. Raghida’s greatest passion is helping those in need, having actively taken part in charity work and events over the last ten years. When not saving the world or using her strong management skills, Raghida is either reading, dancing or jet setting.


Behind the enthusiasm in Pilates, the excitement in collecting classic memorabilia from nostalgic shows and characters is the brightness, sophistication and eloquence of Rania.
Rania has been a valuable asset to ITV Studios for over 11 years, working as a Supervising Production Accountant, after years with a telecommunications firm. Many of the projects Rania has worked on have been cooking shows, and with a love of food, her experience in the television industry has been nothing short of fulfilling. Here’s another little fun fact about Rania – one of her other pastimes is attending Comic Book conventions, showcasing creativity, inspiring originality and bringing out her most fun self. Rania is intellectually curious, ambitious and brings a kind-hearted approach to any activity.

We gratefully acknowledge the invaluable assistance provided by our Sponsors. Their support has made Sahtein Sydney 2020 possible. We take this opportunity to introduce them and recommend their products and services.

Event Partners
Arabic Media Sponsor

We gratefully acknowledge the invaluable assistance provided by our Sponsors.
Their support has made Sahtein Sydney 2020 possible. We take this opportunity to introduce them and recommend their products and services.